10 Best Online Trauma Therapy Services

10 Best Online Trauma Therapy Services

The US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognizes that trauma is a complex concept with many definitions. According to SAMHSA, trauma occurs when someone is exposed to violence, abuse, neglect, or another unhealthy emotional experience. Trauma may develop as a result of one isolated event or ongoing emotional distress. 

Crucially, traumatic events themselves are not the sole cause of trauma. SAMHA’s definition includes the three E’s: events, one’s experiences of those events, and the effects they leave behind.

Multiple studies cite trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as an effective way to manage post-traumatic stress disorder and reduce trauma symptoms in children and teens. CBT is one of the most common types of therapy and can help adults understand where their trauma originated. Through CBT, patients can learn practical skills for managing their trauma in adult life.

Over the past few decades, receiving CBT and trauma therapy online has become more prevalent. Today, patients can access qualified therapists from their phones and laptops, helping them get the care they need without leaving their homes. Continue reading to review the top 10 online trauma therapy services available in the USA.

1. Teladoc Health 

Teladoc Health

Teladoc is a pioneer of telehealth in the US and has recently added online trauma therapy and other mental health services to its offering. It provides an affordable alternative to traditional counseling.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Patient-centric care with a speedy appointment booking process and empathetic providers.Teladoc is part of a larger telehealth company, so their customer support is not always geared towards therapy patients.
Get automated provider matching, then choose from a pool of therapists. This model offers convenience and choice.You will need to sign up before you can start browsing providers.
Weekend therapy sessions are available.Their website is not user friendly.

2. Amwell

Amwell Online Therapy

This telehealth company offers psychiatry and trauma therapy via its online platform. It allows patients to choose a provider based on their education level and experiences.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Therapists are available after-hours, including weekends and holidays.No psychiatry services for teens.
Offers a diverse range of specialists, including pediatric trauma therapists.Doesn’t offer live messaging therapy sessions.
No subscriptions – pay for therapy per session at competitive rates (starting at $109).App issues and technical glitches can cause inconvenience when booking.

3. MDLive


MDLive’s mental health division makes it easy to book a trauma therapist online seven days a week. They partner with clinicians nationwide to offer premium mental health services.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
All therapists undergo additional training in telehealth consultations.If you join the session early, you are in a virtual waiting room without an indication of how long you will be waiting.
No monthly subscriptions. Pay only for the sessions you attend at affordable prices (starting from $108).Therapists are often fully booked, and getting an appointment with the one you like can be challenging.
Large group of therapists to choose from, with same-day sessions available.No live text therapy capabilities.

4. Talkspace

Adults, teens, and couples can access a trauma therapist online through the Talkspace mobile or desktop app. It accepts insurance payments and has a psychiatry division.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Offers psychiatry for medication and repeat prescriptions.May present insurance verification issues.
Very intuitive user interface, easy to make bookings and get started.Expensive – lowest tier pricing only covers messaging therapy ($69 p/week). It costs $99 per week to access video and voice calls. 
Provides estimated response times whenever you message your therapist. Not many therapists are on call, so finding a good match and making appointments that fit your schedule may take time.

5. BetterHelp

BetterHelp Overview

BetterHelp offers online trauma therapy with board-certified psychologists. Patients can choose whether to do video calls, voice calls, or live chat sessions with their therapists, with optional weekly group seminars included in the price. BetterHelp also offers couples counseling through its sister company, ReGain.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Very affordable. Monthly subscriptions range from $65 – $90 per week.Betterhelp does not take health insurance, so you have to pay cash.
All therapists are board-certified and undergo strict vetting, including background checks.Sessions you have already paid for do not carry over into the next month if you cannot make your appointments.
Gives you 24/7 access to your therapist through an encrypted chat.You can’t choose your therapist outright; you can only switch providers later.

6. Cerebral


Cerebral offers psychiatry and trauma therapy online through its mobile and desktop platform. Unlike many other services, this one allows you to select a therapist outright based on your preferences.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
You can choose your therapist with the option to add a prescriber for medication.Service and provider availability differs by state.
Offers a diverse range of plans at different price points, with provision for HSAs and FSAs.You can only book one appointment weekly, with a max of 5 per month.
You get a personalized therapy plan at the start, complete with goals and progress tracking.Does not accept health insurance and has no live messaging options.

7. Thriveworks


With Thriveworks, you can speak with a trauma therapist online or in person at one of the company’s 350+ mental health centers. It is owned and operated by clinicians with thousands of providers on call.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Accepts over 500 health insurance plans.High price point – self-pay billing starts at $200 per session. 
No monthly subscription fees – you only pay for the sessions you need.Psychiatry service is currently only available in 26 states. 
Offers diverse care options for families, individuals, children, and couples.Limited app functionality, so you may need to contact customer service for some requests (such as changing credit card information).

8. Talkiatry


This online trauma therapy connects patients with board-certified psychiatrists to help them reach a diagnosis and access the medication they need. The model comprises a one-hour, in-depth consultation and 30-minute follow-up sessions.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Prescribers can work with your existing therapist to provide diagnosis and medication.Psychiatry-focused practice, no standalone therapy plans available.
No limits on the medications they can prescribe.No self-pay options; it only works with patients who have insurance.
Fast and straightforward scheduling with built-in reminders and room for shorter follow-up calls.You can’t choose providers based on personal preference, as there is no question about this during onboarding.

9. Wellnite


Wellnite offers a range of mental health care online, including trauma therapy, anger management, career guidance, and counseling for depression, OCD, and eating disorders. The platform allows you to connect with a therapist of your choice via video or voice call.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
You can choose whether you want 30-, 45-, or 60-minute sessions.Does not offer live chat therapy; you must connect via voice or video call.
Versatile payment options: biweekly, monthly, biannually, or annually. Sliding scale billing is available.May run into technical glitches during sessions, and the platform can be confusing.
Offers free initial consultation/onboarding calls.May take time to find a good provider match as you have to select your own from the directory.

10. Brightside


Brightside offers psychiatry and therapy packages at affordable prices on a monthly subscription model. Patients can choose online trauma therapy as a standalone product or alongside medication prescriptions from board-certified prescribers.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Free access to dozens of self-care lessons and unlimited messaging with all subscriptions.Only four 45-minute sessions per month, which may not be enough to get through everything.
You can retake your onboarding questionnaire every two weeks to track your treatment progress.Can only do video calls, no voice-only or text messaging.
Offers affordable psychiatry ($95 p/month). Brightside uses a proprietary technology called PrecisionRX to make prescriptions based on your medical history.The platform is geared towards anxiety and depression, so they may not always have trauma specialists on call.

Final Takeaway

Online trauma therapy can be a viable option for patients who live far from major cities with established clinical networks. It can also make mental healthcare more accessible to people without health insurance or the means to pursue traditional therapy. 

Making a list of your needs, concerns, and provider preferences before seeking trauma therapy online can make the onboarding experience easier. As with traditional therapists, you may need to try a few providers before you find one that resonates with you.