Online Therapy Houston: A Guide Towards Mental Well-being

Online Therapy Houston: A Guide Towards Mental Well-being

Houston, a large metropolis in Texas, is a hub for the healthcare industry. The city has ample resources to treat the physical health issues of its population. But what about the mental health of its people?

As per the Harris County Public Health, depression, and anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problems in Houston. Others include ADHD and substance abuse.

However, mental health of only 32.9% of the population is being met. Residents of Houston have lesser access to mental health professionals as compared to the national average. 

Therefore, online therapy Houston can play a pivotal role in reducing complications arising due to anxiety and substance abuse. It is a tool that removes geographical obstacles and accessibility barriers in approaching mental health care.

Keep reading to get an overview of online therapy in Houston.  

Statistics on Mental Health in Houston

Statistics on Mental Health in Houston

Mental illness is a major concern in the United States. The country has 52.8 million adults living with a mental health issue. Every 13th adult in Texas experiences a major depressive episode. 

According to the CDC, frequent mental distress in Texas experienced by adults has increased from 10.6% to 12.1% in 2016 and 2019 respectively. 

Houston being a prominent site in Texas, is ravaged with increasing rates of mental illness among its population. This has resulted in a high suicide rate and substance abuse disorders. 

Houston’s three-county region has experienced an increase in suicide rate from 10.3 per 1,00,00 residents in 2001-04 to 11.2 in 2017-2020.

One in five adults is suffering from a mental health condition in Houston. The concern is not only for the adults but also for its youth. Almost 9% of its youth population is fighting with depression, including substance abuse and disorderly behavior.

The data raises a significant concern for mental health support in Houston. Here lies the importance of mental health services in Houston.

Importance of Online Therapy Houston 

Importance of Online Therapy Houston 

Online therapy refers to the mental health counseling and treatment techniques that professionals offer using the internet. They use various modes like messaging, video chat, email, and even offer therapy over the phone.

Online therapy has become increasingly accepted as a potent form of mental health treatment, especially since the pandemic. It has been recognized under the guises of teletherapy, video therapy, psychotherapy, and online counseling.

Online therapy Houston is gaining good grounds over the years because it is extremely flexible. It fits into your busy schedule, and is accessible, irrespective of your location. 

Online therapy in Houston increases accessibility for those living in rural areas with transit issues like Midland, EI Paso, and Fredericksburg. It saves your commute time to and from larger cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

But is online therapy effective? Mostly yes. Studies suggest that 82.3% of patients suffering from mental illness would recommend online counseling to others.  

Research has also established that online therapy helps individuals with issues like anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and depression. 

Online Therapy Options in Houston

Online Therapy Options in Houston

There are multiple platforms for online therapy in Houston. Here are some suggestions for you.



MDLIVE, one of the leading firms that provide virtual healthcare services in the US, started in 2009. Until now, more than 60 million people accessed its services nationwide. MDLIVE ensures  affordable and quality healthcare service.

MDLIVE offers care for multiple health issues. But you can especially seek its help from the pool of licensed and certified therapists for overcoming anxiety, parenting challenges, and divorce or separation.

You will also get support for work stress, frequent depression episodes, and if you’re experiencing a traumatic event.

MDLIVE accepts many significant insurances to aid your treatment.


BetterHelp Overview

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp, is a big name in mental therapy services worldwide. It has a network of 30,000 therapists globally who offer professional and convenient therapy across online modes. 

Through BetterHelp, you can consult a therapist in and around Houston via phone, video, or live chat. 

Therapists are available in Houston for CBT, DBT, substance use counseling, and couples therapy. Other specialties in which BetterHelp counselors can help you include anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and issues experienced by child and adolescents. 

BetterHelp has a unique platform, ReGain, that offers services, especially for couples and spouses.  



Thriveworks initiated its operations in 2008. It aims to make mental health care more accessible and better. Today, Thriveworks is a leading service provider in America. It provides accessible and high-quality mental health care.

Thriveworks provides in-person and virtual care in the US, with more than 380 locations nationwide. Clients mostly attend their first session within seven days of the appointment.

Thriveworks offers mental health care services for anxiety, depression, relationships, PTSD, personality disorders, ADHD, and many more.

Thriveworks makes its services affordable by accepting insurance.

Eddins Counseling Group

Eddins Counseling Group

Eddins Group is a well-known name for online therapy in Houston. It offers both in-person and online counseling. The group promises to provide online mental health care with a similar personal touch and high quality.

The trained and licensed therapists offer online services through phone or video chat.

Here, you get treatment for ADHD, anxiety, career counseling, couples therapy, and divorce. You also get support for child counseling, LGBTQ+ counseling, DBT, and chronic illness.  

Eddins Groups has three locations in Houston. It is available online for people in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, and Massachusetts.



SOL is a primary mental health care service provider in the US. It offers in-person and virtual counseling services. The licensed professionals at SOL create a safe environment irrespective of the clients.

SOL offers virtual health care through telepathy and video counseling. You will find clinically proven resources to help you manage your behavior effectively.

SOL offers support for grief & loss, OCD, panic disorders, sexual issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It also offers help in relational issues, career, mood disorders, and anger issues.

SOL ensures compatibility with most insurance plans, making health care affordable.

Texas Online Counseling PLLC

Texas Online Counseling PLLC

Texas Online Counseling provides compassionate online counseling to individuals and clients. The service provider focuses on addressing the specific needs of the patients.

The licensed online therapists offer sex & gender counseling, anger management, couples counseling, and men’s issues. They will also help individuals deal with trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The team has supported many mental health patients until now.

Texas Online Counseling offers free 30-minute sessions on booking an appointment.

Pros and cons Of Online Therapy Houston 

Pros and cons Of Online Therapy Houston

Online counseling in Houston has some pros and cons. Here is a list that will help you understand both aspects of online therapy Houston.

Pros of online therapy

Saves time and money

Online counseling allows you to schedule sessions during lunch, child naps, or driving. You do not have to drive through the busy roads of Houston to reach your therapist on time.

Unlike in-person therapy, online counseling avoids offline contact with the therapist, which often incurs significant costs.


A study found that 72% of adolescents will prefer using online counseling. Online therapy offers the comfort of attending sessions from any location.

Online counseling is the most convenient, from wearing whatever suits you to attending the session from the comfort of your room or familiar spaces. 


Houston is a huge and crowded city. You may find it difficult to travel to the counselor until it is near your place.

So, what is the solution? Online therapy Houston resolves such issues and does not hamper your mental well-being even when you’re unable to commute for therapy. 

Multiple Options

Online therapy does not require you to go somewhere, so you have many options to choose from. You can select Houston’s best healthcare providers without worrying about your location.

You can even choose multiple modes of mental health care that suits your mental health issues or ongoing illnesses. These can include simple counseling sessions to CBT, DBT, and others offered across virtual platforms. 

Cons of online therapy

Technology dependent

You can access online therapy only with an active internet connection, mobile or laptop. Lack of these will limit you from opting for online treatment.

Inappropriate for crises

Severe mental problems, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse require careful examination by the therapists. Remote assessment may not be accurate when you’re suffering from such severe mental health conditions.

Ignores body language

Your therapist cannot see your body language and facial expressions while using text-based therapy. Such signs help your counselor understand your moods, thoughts, and behaviors, which are essential in treating your mental health issues. 

Wrapping Up

Online therapy is a convenient way of managing mental health symptoms. It is pretty helpful for those suffering from mild depression or anxiety and relationship and career issues.

However, you should always consider the downsides of using online therapy. Understand your mental health condition and its severity before availing services.

You must choose the most appropriate platform wisely. Conduct thorough research and read client reviews and FAQs to find the right therapist online who can help you reach your coveted state of mental well-being. 


Can I talk to a therapist online for free? 

Most online therapy platforms don’t offer free sessions. Although, you can get enrolled in anonymous chat rooms, free online support groups, and share your problems with trained listeners who are there to offer companionship for free. 

But if you are registering with any platform like BetterHelp, Talkspace, Calmerry, etc. you will get affordable therapy sessions catering to your mental health issues. 

How much does therapy cost in Houston? 

The price for online therapy in Houston ranges from $100 to $150 per session. Although over the recent years the median price has escalated to $125 to $250 per session for qualified therapists for in-person or offline therapy. 

Does the University of Houston have free therapy? 

The CAPS therapists organize free therapy sessions across the University of Houston campus during the fall and spring semesters. And you don’t need prior appointments or fees to drop in those sessions and get help.