Does Aetna Cover BetterHelp?

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With the changing times and people’s fast-paced lifestyle, one’s mental health can take a huge toll. Whether you’re dealing with big or small problems, therapy has become a valuable tool to address mental-health concerns and lead a quality life. Given the flexibility and comfort it offers, many people have been resorting to online therapy. Despite the numerous platforms available, such as BetterHelp, not everyone can afford them.

While prices for online therapy may vary, you may be wondering if BetterHelp is covered by Aestna insurance? Yes, you can use Aetna insurance to cover BetterHelp therapy, however the process is not straightforward. So in this article, we will discuss Aetna’s mental health coverage further and whether using such a plan can benefit you. 

What Is Aetna?

If you’re looking for a reliable health insurance company, Aetna is a comprehensive health insurance provider offering health insurance plans to individuals, families, and employers. As one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States, they have been in business for over 160 years delivering comprehensive services in the realms of medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and vision health. 

What is Aetna?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Aetna, along with other health insurance companies, are legally mandated to include coverage for mental health conditions such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. They also provide telehealth services for members who want to receive medical and mental health care services remotely. 

Aetna offers a wide range of health insurance plans including HMO, PPO, and POS. They also offer Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. Each plan may vary in terms of coverage, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs. Some plans may cover mental health services, while others may not. Therefore, it’s important to review the details to determine what plan is best for you and your needs.  

Does Aetna Cover BetterHelp?

If you’re looking for online therapy options, you may be wondering – does BetterHelp accept Aetna coverage? The short answer is yes, you can use your Aetna coverage for BetterHelp, which can be helpful because Aetna recognizes telehealth services and strives to make them more affordable.

They not only connect you with a network of service providers, but also promote the idea that your mental health is as crucial as your physical health. This means that Aetna members can use their insurance to pay for online therapy sessions with BetterHelp. However, BetterHelp does not accept all health insurance plans, and here’s why: 

  • Insurance plans typically offer partial coverage, involving loads of paperwork for minimal benefits. Plus, you would be shelling out money for the insurance itself.
  • Even if your insurance provides full coverage, the co-pay may be higher than the entire cost of BetterHelp’s services, meaning it would end up costing you more.
  • BetterHelp’s approach doesn’t involve diagnosing conditions or prescribing medications, however insurance companies request for these details, adding another layer of complexity to the process. 

Even though Aetna can make it easier to use your insurance at BetterHelp, it’s worth noting that the insurance cost could outweigh what you would usually pay for the service on this online mental health platform. 

All You Need To Know About BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers a distinct mental health subscription service that provides convenient online counseling or teletherapy. The online therapy platform connects users with licensed and accredited therapists and counselors who are trained to provide personalized mental health treatment, all from the comfort of your own home. This is offered through text messaging, live chat, phone, or video call, without the need to commute to a physical office. 

BetterHelp’s services include individual treatment, couples therapy, and family therapy, in addition to services for specific issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and more. Their sessions are designed for you to choose the time of your appointment that best suits your schedule, whether it’s working around your job, family commitments, or your social life. 

Overall, BetterHelp is a convenient and affordable option for anyone looking to manage their mental health and overall well-being. With flexible scheduling and affordable pricing, their online therapy services make it easy to receive effective and personalized mental health treatment for a happier and healthier life. 

Cost Of BetterHelp

BetterHelp doesn’t accept insurance, and they don’t charge you on a per-session basis. Instead, they offer a flexible monthly package, granting you access to numerous sessions and multiple ways to connect with your therapist, including messaging, video calls, and even traditional phone calls.

Here’s all you need to know about the various BetterHelp subscription packages along with the costs:

1. Weekly Plan

This option costs $80 per week, allowing you to subscribe on a weekly basis and access as many sessions as you need. If you subscribe every week, your monthly cost will be $320.

2. Monthly Plan

Priced at $260 per month, equating to slightly over $60 per week. Clients are billed on a monthly basis, making it straightforward.

3. Quarterly Plan

This plan costs a total of $540, with a weekly cost of just $45 due to the longer subscription commitment. At the end of each month, the client needs to pay $180.

4. Annual Plan

For those seeking extended services, the annual plan is available at a cost of $1820, resulting in a remarkably low weekly cost of $35. At the end of each month, the client is only responsible for a $140 payment, making it the most cost-effective choice.

Financial Aid Offered By BetterHelp

Financial Aid Offered By BetterHelp

Even though BetterHelp’s subscription plans are budget-friendly, you may still find the cost of therapy a bit of a stretch for your wallet. If you’re worried about insurance not covering the costs, then don’t fret – financial assistance is on the table. 

They will give you the chance to fill out a quick survey with questions about your job situation and monthly income to see if you qualify. They may also ask about your income tax returns or other documents to get a better idea of your financial situation.

And if you’re itching to learn more about the financial help BetterHelp can offer, just give their billing or customer service team a call. They’ve got your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Cost Of BetterHelp In Canada?

In Canada, the weekly plan of BetterHelp will cost you 79-118 CAD. If you go for the monthly plan, the cost can range between 317-475 CAD. 

Can I Avail BetterHelp Only In The US?

A majority of the BetterHelp counselors are based in the United States, however the platform allows you to sign up for their services from anywhere in the world.

What’s The Lowest Cost Of BetterHelp?

The lowest cost for a single BetterHelp therapy session is $60. 

Final Thoughts

By now, you must know that BetterHelp is a popular online platform that can help you receive effective treatment to improve your mental health. The platform will connect you with licensed therapists and let you choose from a range of plans at an affordable price and let you choose from a range of plans. 

BetterHelp doesn’t allow insurance, but it does come at a low cost and offers financial aid. While you still have the option to use Aetna coverage, it may end up costing you more than BetterHelp plans. Hence, it is important to do your research and compare the cost of both options to help you decide what works best for your needs.