How to Pause BetterHelp

Pausing your online mental health therapy

Taking care of your mental health is extremely crucial. However, at times, we all need a pause to regain strength and find balance in life.

So, are you facing challenging times? Do you feel like you need a moment to regroup and focus on your mental health? 

For that you might need to pause your BetterHelp subscription if you are availing of online therapy and take the time to reflect on your mental health journey. But it’s natural to have this question when you have been subjected to BetterHelp therapy for a prolonged period – can you pause BetterHelp?

Well, do not worry; we are here to help. You will be glad to know that you can pause your BetterHelp account and subscription at any time. 

In this guide on BetterHelp pause subscription, we will hold your hand and walk you through the process of temporarily suspending your BetterHelp Account. Your well-being is of utmost importance, and we are here to make sure that this process is as smooth as possible. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Pausing your online mental health therapy

Explaining the Pause Feature on BetterHelp

Having a pause option in your online mental health therapy is crucial for your well-being. Most platforms recognize the necessity of flexibility in mental health and support.

We asked major platforms how they answered this question “Can I pause my online therapy subscription?”

Talkspace believes that life can be unpredictable. So, they offer a pause option to allow their users to suspend therapy temporarily. They also emphasize the importance of communicating openly with a therapist before pausing your online therapy program.

In a similar vein, another popular platform, 7 Cups, also acknowledges the need for a break in your mental health journey. They encourage their users to reach out to them and discuss the necessity of a pause. 

Now, when it comes to BetterHelp and you ask the question – can I pause my BetterHelp account, you’ll get a positive response and comprehensive support in this case. BetterHelp also understands the ebbs and flows of mental health.

Focusing solely on their client’s mental health, they also allow subscribers to pause their therapy. You can reach out to the support team and explain your situation, and they will help you out.

Reasons Why Someone Might Want to Pause their BetterHelp Account

Here is a list of reasons why people taking therapy might want to pause their account:

1. Overwhelming Response and Emotional Exhaustion

Dealing with mental health challenges can be emotionally very taxing. At times, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted.

This is when you may need a temporary break to recharge and gather your strength. This is when you might choose to opt for a BetterHelp pause subscription.

2. Life Changes and Transitions

Significant life events like relocation, a new job, or dealing with a loss can disrupt your routine. This, in turn, can make it pretty hard to focus on therapy fully.

Pausing the program allows you to focus on these transitions without the added pressure of therapy commitments.

3. Unsatisfied with the therapist

Many patients pause their therapy program if they are unsatisfied with their therapist’s approach. This is when they re-evaluate and reassess the effectiveness of their therapy journey. 

4. Financial Constraints

The economic situation can also be a major reason. Pausing your BetterHelp account during times of financial stress will help you manage your budget.

You can resume when you are financially ready.

5. Travel or Extended Absence

If you are planning a long trip or expecting a long absence, it is sensible to pause your account. In this way, you can ensure that you are not paying for the services that you can’t use while you are away.

 6. Lack of Time and Priorities

Balancing a busy schedule may leave little time for therapy. Pausing your program for a few weeks will allow you to reassess and reprioritize. After that, you can dedicate the time and focus needed for effective therapy.

7. Seeking Alternate Support

Individuals planning to explore other forms of therapy or looking for in-person counseling might choose to pause their online therapy account. Taking this break allows you to explore other options and compare different support options.

This will also help you find answers to a question that might be bothering you, “can you pause BetterHelp?”

8. Personal Reflection and Progress Assessment

Pausing your therapy program gives you an opportunity to reflect on your progress. You can evaluate the strategies, coping mechanisms, and techniques you have learned.

This will help you understand whether you require adjustments or a different approach.

Personal Reflection and Progress Assessment

Explaining How the Pause Feature Works on BetterHelp

So, as you have decided to pause BetterHelp account, let us help you out with it. Please follow please steps carefully to pause your account until you are ready:

1. Log in to Your BetterHelp Account:

Visit the official website of BetterHelp or open their mobile application. Login to your account with your registered credentials to access your personal account dashboard.

2. Access Your Account Settings:

Now, visit the account settings or the profile section within the platform. In this section, you will be able to manage and modify various aspects of your BetterHelp account.

3. Locate the “Manage” Option:

On the account settings tab, look for the “Manage” option. This button is the gateway to controlling and adjusting your subscription settings and your counseling plan.

4. Select the “Pause” Feature:

In this management section, you will find the “Pause” or “Suspend” option. This feature has been developed keeping in mind the requirement for all those users who want to halt subscriptions temporarily.

This gives them much-needed flexibility during specific challenging life circumstances.

5. Follow the Prompts and Instructions:

As you continue with the request, the platform might present additional prompts and instructions. 

6. Specify the Duration of the Pause:

You might also be asked to share details regarding the reason for your pausing the account. You will also be asked to choose an approximate duration for which you would like to suspend your subscription to your counseling sessions.

BetterHelp is one of the few therapy platforms that offer flexibility in selecting a time frame as per your requirement.

7. Review the Terms and Conditions:

Now, you should carefully review the terms and conditions while opting for a BetterHelp pause subscription. This includes important information like potential fees or adjustments to your subscription that might occur during this period.

8. Submit Your Pause Request:

Once you have reviewed the conditions and filled out important information, you can submit your request to pause the account. 

9. Await Confirmation from BetterHelp:

After submission, please wait for a few hours to receive confirmation from executives at BetterHelp. You will receive a confirmation via your registered mail address or a notification on your platform.

If you have received the confirmation mail, congratulations; your BetterHelp account is temporarily suspended.

Resuming BetterHelp After a Pause

If you think you are mentally and financially ready to resume your therapy journey, you can confidently take that step. Your decision will not hinder your progress just because you paused your account. 

BetterHelp embraces every patient equally, whether you are starting out fresh or picking up from where you left off.

So, to resume your services, follow these steps:

1. Login to Your Account: Visit the BetterHelp website and log in to your account with your registered email and password.

2. Access Account Settings: Click on the “Settings” or “Account Settings” option. You will find it on the left side of your dashboard.

3. Check Subscription Status: Navigate to the subscription or billing section. Here, you will find a tab mentioning that your account is currently paused.

4. Resume Subscription: Look for the option to resume or reactivate your subscription. Now click on this button.

5. Confirm Resuming: Carefully follow the prompt to confirm your decision and resume your therapy journey.

Review Billing Information: Make sure your billing details are correct and up to date. This will ensure smoother reactivation.Receive Confirmation: Once you confirm your card details, you will receive a notification that your account has been successfully reactivated. Now, you can resume your journey from where you left off.


Taking care of your mental health is paramount. However, hitting the pause button is a vital step towards self-care and balance.

Whether you are overwhelmed with life changes or need financial adjustments, BetterHelp recognizes the need for flexibility in mental health support.

We hope that this guide has helped you to pause BetterHelp account. If you still need help, you can directly contact BetterHelp customer care. They are dedicated to helping you with all your needs.

Also, remember that resuming your therapeutic journey is equally supported, and the process is hassle-free. Your mental health matters, and BetterHelp remains dedicated to assisting you.