9 Online Therapy That Takes Cigna And Its Alternatives

Online therapy has gained popularity ever since the 2020 pandemic hit the world. It got accepted so quickly because it was accessible and cost-effective.

Who wouldn’t want online therapy covered by health insurance? It is cheaper. 

But, it is very difficult to find platforms that accept insurance or vice versa. 

If your healthcare provider is Cigna, then you are in luck. Cigna Healthcare is a leading health insurance organization. It provides coverage for online therapy. 

Today’s article will discuss the top online therapy that takes Cigna Healthcare. So, keep reading. 

9 Online Therapy That Takes Cigna Healthcare

9 Online Therapy That Takes Cigna Healthcare

Here are the top online therapy providers that are covered by Cigna. 

AlmaAn online directory platform that simplifies access to high-quality, affordable mental health care.Connects you with therapists who specialize in various mental health issues.Varies with the provider. However, clients who use their insurance save an average of 77% on the cost of therapy. 
AmwellA telehealth platform that offers online therapy and psychiatry services. Their focus is on behavioral health challenges.Provides face-to-face sessions with licensed psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists.Therapy visits are $0-99, and psychiatry visits are $0-299, depending on your insurance. 
BrightsideThis is an online program for adults with depression or anxiety. It offers therapy and medication management.The plans are personalized and include support from licensed therapists. They also have board-certified prescribers available to assist. Additionally, they provide digital tools and content.Therapy-only, medication-only, or therapy + medication plans, starting from $99 per month.
CerebralThis mental health service is subscription-based. It provides online therapy for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It also offers medication management.Works with the collaborative care therapy model. It helps you manage your symptoms and achieve a balanced lifestyle. It offers a flexible digital program.Medication-only, therapy-only, or medication + therapy plans, starting from $99 per month.
MDLIVEA telehealth provider of online and on-demand health care, including mental health services.The company provides online therapy and psychiatry services for various mental health conditions. These conditions include anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and others.Therapy visits are $0-108, and psychiatry visits are $0-284, depending on your insurance.
TeladocA telehealth platform that provides online therapy and psychiatry services. Targeted concerns are anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, and more.Licensed therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists offer video or phone sessions. They also provide digital content and tools.Therapy visits are $0-99, and psychiatry visits are $0-299, based on your insurance coverage. 
TalkspaceThe online therapy platform connects you to a licensed provider. The provider is dedicated and within your state of residence. They offer personalized, high-quality therapeutic services.They offer private messaging sessions and live sessions, depending on your plan. Their therapeutic services include individuals, couples, teens, veterans, and specialized programs.Plans start from $65 per week.
TalkiatryThe online psychiatry platform offers medication management and therapy for adults. It also provides the same services for children aged five and older.Matches you with a psychiatrist who can diagnose, prescribe, and monitor your medication, as well as refer you to a therapist if needed.The company accepts major insurance plans. They also offer transparent pricing. They specialize in treating anxiety, depression, mood disorders, PTSD, and ADHD. They also treat other conditions.
ZocdocAn online directory for different types of medical providers, including therapists.The website utilizes your location and insurance information. It searches for trustworthy therapists who accept your insurance plan. You can even book online therapy appointments with them, sometimes on the same day.Depends on your insurance and the therapist you choose.

If you don’t have a health insurance partner yet and are looking for Cigna alternatives, here you go.

These providers are not only as good as Cigna but also cover most of the online therapy platforms listed above. 


  • Overview: Aetna has a network of over 1.2 million providers. They have a variety of health insurance plans available. These include Medicare, HMO, PPO, HMO-POS, HSA, FSA, POS, CDHP, EPO, Medicaid, and Indemnity. 
  • Cost: The exact cost will depend on the plan. But as a reference, the average cost of an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan starts from $21 per month. Meanwhile, the average cost of the Aetna Medigap plan is $152 per month. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Overview: It has a network of over 1.7 million providers. The plans offered include Medicare, HMO, PPO, POS, CDHP, EPO, HSA, FSA, Indemnity, and Open Access plans. 
  • Cost: The average cost of their plans is around $150 per month. But it can increase or decrease based on the plan you choose. 


  • Overview: Humana offers Medicare, HMO, PPO, POS, CDHP, EPO, HSA, FSA, and Indemnity plans. The coverage limit, deductible, and maximum annual benefit vary by state/plan. It has a network of over 1.5 million providers. 
  • Cost: The plans can cost anywhere between $6 to $200 per month. However, the Medicare Advantage plans start at a $0 premium. 

How We Chose The Best Therapy Platforms?

How We Chose The Best Therapy Platforms?

All the platforms mentioned here are carefully picked after a lot of consideration. To make the ultimate list, here are some factors we looked at:

  • Transparency and integrity: The listed company must be open and transparent about its information and services. It should also be honest about what it does and does not offer. 
  • Best Practices: The company must use licensed healthcare professionals and is HIPAA compliant. 
  • Reputation: The company listed here must have a good public reputation.  The reputation is determined by our vetting process and experience. We also refer to online rating platforms like Trustpilot.  

Wrapping Up

Cigna covers many online therapy platforms, but not all of them. For example, BetterHelp is not included.

However, Betterhelp doesn’t accept any healthcare insurance since it has its own special aid program. 

So, even if you don’t have Cigna or other healthcare plans, you can still have a look at them. 

Lastly, online therapy may not be right for everyone. If you have a severe mental health condition, do not rely on online therapy.

It is also not recommended if you pose a risk to yourself, such as self-harm or suicide. Dial 988, which is the 24*7 suicide and crisis lifeline for immediate help. Reach out if you or your near ones are suffering from severe conditions.