Online Therapy Illinois

Online therapy Illinois

Let’s face it: you need therapy but can’t speak about it due to the stigma around it. Add that to the limited mental health care providers in Illinois; it isn’t easy to get the treatment.

You might need therapeutic support for multiple reasons, and online therapy is a great way to overcome the situation. Many platforms are cost-effective and good enough to be your rescue.

In this blog, we will discuss online therapy in Illinois, multiple platforms, their features, and which is the best for you. We also have a guide to when you should consider offline treatment.

How Effective Is Online Therapy?

Mental health is a taboo topic, but it doesn’t stop you from being harmed by it. NAMI revealed that 145,000 Illinoisans aged between 12–17 have depression.

Such shocking stats prove why Illinois needs more mental health care facilities.

Online therapy is a blessing for those in Illinois since it is as effective and, in many cases, even better than in-person therapy. For young adults and people who spend a considerable amount of their day using tech, online therapy is a brilliant way to start a journey towards better mental health. 

Concerns like anxiety, depression, etc. can be addressed through online therapy. Those who have identified they might have some disorders or symptoms of poor mental health can seek help through online therapy.

96% of psychologists who provided telehealth during the COVID-19 said online therapy is effective, during a 2021 survey.

5 Platforms That Offer Online Therapy in Illinois

5 Platforms That Offer Online Therapy in Illinois

We have narrowed down the options for online therapy into five platforms. These are accessible and convenient for people in Illinois.

1. Betterhelp

The platform has affordable prices, and their therapists are available 24*7. Their therapy services include individuals, groups, couples, and families.

They also have specialized teen therapy, medication management and options for LGBQT+.

Their prices vary between $65 – $90, and you are billed monthly, which is cheaper than many in-person therapy sessions.

2. Talkspace

They have a vast network of licensed therapists and are diversely qualified to treat various subjects. You can choose a convenient schedule, and the app-based platform makes it easier to connect with Talkspace.

One of the benefits of Talkspace is that it is tied up with many insurance providers, so patients covered by insurance only have to pay around $30 or even less.

3. Great Lakes Psychology Group

Great Lakes Psychology Group

One of this platform’s offerings is ADHD testing and treatment; apart from that, you get an experienced team of licensed therapists in Illinois.

They offer both online and in-person therapy. If you are comfortable visiting the center after doing the online medicines, you benefit from staying with the platform.

The pricing plans are flexible and affordable, which you can check from their website.

4. Thriveworks Illinois

Thriveworks is renowned for its same-day or next-day appointment booking. Apart from all the benefits of online therapy, they have flexible scheduling on weekends and evenings.

In the case of marriage and family therapy, platforms like Thriveworks are beneficial. You can even choose the therapist you want to be cared for. 

Thriveworks accepts many insurance plans, and your pricing will depend on the service you opt for.

5. Mindful Therapy Group

They have compassionate therapists who practice acceptance-based treatment and treat with mindfulness. You get convenient appointment timing, and the platform suits those who want to improve their life with healthy practices.

Bonus Tip: No-Subscription Therapy Services

5 Platforms That Offer Online Therapy in Illinois


The first step to better mental well-being is recognizing that you need help. Congratulations if you have identified that, and remember you are not alone.

If you are not comfortable opening up to friends or family and facing therapists in-person, online therapy is a good choice.

The platforms mentioned above in Illinois can get you the required treatment. Whether you are facing instability and need a checkup or building a better coping mechanism, the platforms can be a start to a better future for you.


Is Online Therapy Confidential In Illinois?

Yes, online therapy is confidential. The platforms adhere to HIPAA regulations, and all the online therapy platforms mentioned in the blog are reputable.

They implement strict data security measures to protect your privacy.

How Do I Choose The Right Online Therapy Platform For Me?

Spend time researching each platform and reading therapist profiles before making a decision. You can consider factors like your budget and the pricing plan of the platform, desired therapy type, and platform features (e.g., video conferencing, text-based, etc.).

What If I Need Medication Management?

Some online therapy platforms, like Cerebral and Great Lakes Psychology Group, offer medication management services through licensed professionals.

Can I Switch Therapists If I’m Not Comfortable With The First One?

Most platforms allow you to request a different therapist if needed. Communicate your concerns to the platform’s support team, and they’ll help you find a better match.