The Best Online Marriage and Family Therapy Programs for You

The Best Online Marriage and Family Therapy Programs for You

The need for therapy is growing, and online therapy has emerged as a convenient solution, bringing therapeutic support right into homes. A survey notes that people who use online therapy find it effective. Online therapy moves mental health services from conventional office settings to virtual spaces.

This article will delve into the best online marriage and family therapy platforms. It covers how these services work and their benefits, helping you make an informed decision about your therapy journey.

The Best Online Marriage and Family Therapy Programs for You

Top Picks: Best Online Marriage And Family Therapy Platforms

Online marriage and family therapy, led by licensed and credentialed therapists, addresses various relationship concerns. 

Let’s explore some of the best ones.


BetterHelp offers a range of therapy services, including couples counseling, teen therapy, and individual sessions for self-improvement. The platform has several licensed therapists and counselors who employ various techniques. These include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, and interpersonal therapy (IPT) to address diverse mental health needs. This makes it an ideal choice for couples and families seeking therapy to enhance their relationships and personal growth.

  • Pricing and Plans:  Range from $60 to $90 per week which is billed monthly
  • Insurance Coverage: Not covered by health insurance but has the option of financial aidFormats of Therapy: Offers 24/7 messaging, phone and video sessions, and group sessions for therapy


Regain is an online relationship counseling platform with over 10,000 licensed therapists, focusing exclusively on couples therapy. This makes it ideal for marriage counseling. It provides each couple with a private online room on its platform, dedicated solely to communication with their therapist, ensuring a secure and private space for all interactions.

  • Pricing and Plans: Varies from $60 to $90 per week and is billed every four weeks
  • Insurance Coverage: Not covered by health insurance
  • Formats of Therapy: Offers the option of therapy through text messaging, audio calls, and video sessions

Modern Intimacy

This platform offers diverse relationship counseling services, such as specialized online sex therapy. With a strong commitment to inclusivity, its therapists are either members of the LGBTQ+ community or allies, creating an ideal setting for couples seeking online sex therapy in a supportive environment. 

The majority of its therapists are either certified sex therapists or in the process of certification, and all are trained to work comprehensively across sexual health subjects.

  • Pricing and Plans: Following a complimentary 30-minute consultation, the cost ranges from $150 to $400 for each 50-minute session
  • Insurance Coverage: Not covered by health insurance
  • Formats of Therapy: Provides therapy through video sessions


Talkspace provides a variety of counseling services, such as couples therapy, individual counseling, and specialized therapy for teenagers, veterans, and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

This platform is particularly suitable for couples and other relationship dynamics like families, partners, siblings, and friends. Available across the US and Canada, Talkspace caters to adults over 18 for psychiatry services. 

The service includes features like symptom-tracking tools for anxiety and depression, in-app mental health exercises, and live therapy workshops.

  • Pricing and Plans: $69 per week for messaging, $99 per week for video plus messaging, and $109 for a combination of video, messaging, and workshops. 
  • Insurance Coverage: Accepts Premera, Cigna, Optum, Gatorcare, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 
  • Formats of Therapy: Allows unlimited text messaging and support through video and audio sessions

eTherapy Cafe

eTherapy Cafe offers diverse counseling options such as individual, couples, relationship, marriage, and college counseling, along with specialized support for the LGBTQIA+ community and military personnel. 

It’s ideal for those seeking guidance on life challenges who don’t need extensive therapy, but rather are looking for accountability, and regular, concise check-ins. The therapists and coaches hold a large variety of specializations, certifications, and credentials.

  • Pricing and Plans: $50 trial for a 30-minute chat, video, or journal with therapist feedback. Post-trial, $49/month for four 30-minute sessions
  • Insurance Coverage: Does not accept insurance
  • Formats of Therapy: Enables support through live chat, video calls, or e-journal entries

Relationship Hero

Relationship Hero offers a variety of coaching options centered on relationships and family dynamics, assisting with issues such as break-ups and marriage. As an affordable option for those seeking professional relationship coaching, the platform offers multiple subscription plans. The frequency of your meetings with the coach will depend on the chosen subscription plan.

  • Pricing and Plans: Free 10-minute initial session. Coaching costs $80-$250 per hour, varies by coach.
  • Insurance Coverage: Does not accept insurance
  • Formats of Therapy: The services are offered nationwide, with live coaching sessions accessible via video, phone, or live text messaging

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching

This platform specializes in therapy and coaching aimed at fostering personal growth in relationships. It offers a wide range of services with a focus on premarital counseling. It is particularly suited for couples who are dating, engaged, or have children, providing significant benefits to those in premarital programs looking to enhance their communication and conflict-resolution skills.

  • Pricing and Plans: Free initial consultation; $75-$170 per 45-minute session. Support group: $40 per hour.
  • Insurance Coverage: Conditionally accepts insurance. 
  • Formats of Therapy: Offers online and face-to-face therapy depending on individual preferences.

Tips For Choosing the Right Marriage & Family Therapy  Platform

If you’re considering online therapy, here are four tips to help you evaluate if a provider or platform is safe and qualified for your mental health needs:

  1. Understand The Specialization You Are Looking For

Online platforms and therapists vary in expertise, influenced by their qualifications and experience. Knowing the specific reasons you’re seeking therapy will guide you in choosing a therapist who specializes in treating those particular conditions. If the platforms offer a free consultation, ask your therapist questions to understand their methods and techniques.

  1. Look At the Pricing Plans

A major factor in selecting the best online therapy provider is cost. Online therapy is typically more affordable than traditional in-office sessions. It’s crucial to understand the various pricing plans and subscriptions to find one that fits your budget. Additionally, the absence of commuting or scheduling expenses leads to substantial long-term savings.

  1. Check Reviews

Recommendations and reviews based on others’ experiences are valuable in selecting the right therapy platform. They offer insights into therapists’ methods, character, and the platform’s user-friendliness. Further, insights from industry professionals about their experiences with these platforms can also guide your choice.

  1. Find Out if Insurance is Accepted

Health insurance can significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses, but remember that not all therapy platforms accept insurance plans. To utilize your insurance benefits, ensure in advance that your chosen therapy service accepts your specific insurance plan.

Key Takeaways
  • The demand for therapy is increasing, and online therapy has become a practical solution, providing accessible therapeutic support at home.
  • Online therapy is especially beneficial for marriage and family counseling. It presents diverse options to meet varying needs.
  • Online therapy offers enhanced accessibility and several benefits. 
  • Choosing the right online therapy platform requires understanding therapists’ expertise, evaluating cost-effectiveness, and considering user reviews for insights.