BetterHelp For Teens

Betterhelp For Teens

Navigating the teenage years can be a roller coaster of emotions and challenges both for the parents and the teenager. So, if your adolescent kid is struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone. BetterHelp is there to help you and support you during these tough times.

We acknowledge the importance of compassion and understanding during this critical phase of your child’s life. At BetterHelp, we offer a warm and empathetic space for teenagers to share their struggles and concerns.

Our experienced counselors will guide them and also provide personalized assistance. This will help them navigate their way through the complexities of adolescence.

This guide on BetterHelp teenager therapy plans will help you understand the various issues that your child might be facing and how we can help you. 

Together, we can help your teenager overcome stress and mental health hurdles, thereby paving a path towards a brighter and more confident future. 

Challenges Faced by Adolescents

Navigating the adolescent years is a unique journey, and the challenges faced can be distinct for each generation.  You may not directly have experienced identical challenges during your youth, but it is essential to recognize the nature of these hurdles, especially in this highly competitive world. Each era has its own set of obstacles, making understanding and supporting crucial for today’s adolescents.

Here are seven common challenges faced by adolescents today.

1. Emotional Turmoil

Adolescents have to deal with a ton of emotions, making it very challenging to express themselves clearly. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and manage these feelings for their mental well-being and to develop healthy relationships. 

2. Academic Pressure

In today’s era, there is a significant emphasis on academics. This creates immense pressure on adolescents.

So, coping with heavy academic loads, expectations from teachers and parents, and the fear of failure can cause anxiety and stress. Balancing studies while nurturing mental health is crucial for a successful educational journey. 

3. Identity Exploration

Many teenagers struggle to define their identity and show their interests, beliefs, and aspirations. As they cannot express themselves, it creates stress and anxiety. 

4. Peer and Social Pressures

Peer pressure is another big problem, and many teenagers have taken the wrong path due to this. Also, the need for social acceptance can influence decision-making. 

5. Technology and Social Media Impact

Overuse of technology and social media platforms can distort self-perception. This can also heighten stress levels among teenagers.

The constant comparison and virtual scrutiny sometimes contribute to a twisted self-perception, which can impact mental health adversely. 

Also, teenagers have to deal with FOMO or fear of missing out. The constant stream of social media updates and events can make them feel isolated or left out from their friends. This can impact their self-esteem. 

6. Communication and Understanding

During this age, teenagers find it difficult to communicate clearly. This is because their feelings and thoughts are all over the place. This leads to misunderstandings and fights.

7. Performance Comparison

Teenagers often have to grapple with the stress of comparing their performance to a high-achieving friend or sibling. This comparison leads to their sense of increased anxiety and low self-esteem.

The pressure to match up to a perceived level of success can be overwhelming and can directly impact their mental well-being during this crucial phase of life. 

Reasons to Consider BetterHelp Teen Counseling

Challenges Faced by Adolescents

So, we have discussed the various types of issues a teenager might face during this time. It is crucial to address these issues, and BetterHelp has come out with a solution, BetterHelp Teen Counseling.

In case you were wondering how this counseling will help your child, here is a list of compelling reasons why you should opt for this BetterHelp teenager program:

1. Professional Guidance and Support:

Adolescents mostly struggle to articulate their thoughts and emotions. This is where BetterHelp can assist you.

They offer access to professional counselors who specialize in teenage issues. They offer a safe space for them to express themselves. 

2. Tailored Counseling for Teens:

The approach to help teenagers deal with mental health issues is very different from that with adults. The experts at BetterHelp understand these distinctions and provide customized counseling to address these unique challenges. 

3. Stress and Pressure Management:

As we discussed before, academic pressure is at an all-time high. The counselors can assist teens in managing their stress.

This will help them develop coping mechanisms and a balanced approach towards their academic pursuits. 

4. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression:

Adolescents often have to grapple with stress and depression. The counselors at BetterHelp are well-equipped to help teens navigate these mental health challenges.

They also help them create customized strategies to improve their mental well-being. 

5. Overcoming Social Pressures:

Peer pressure and social media can be pretty overwhelming. Our experienced team can guide the teenagers in building confidence, setting boundaries, and fostering healthy relationships while minimizing the impact of social pressures. 

6. Addressing Technology Dependency:

Our teenage kids are more dependent on technology compared to us. Even though technology is good, its excessive use can affect mental health and self-esteem.

Our experts will help teenagers strike a healthy balance. This will reduce their dependence on technology, gadgets and promote a positive self-image. 

7. Improved Family Relationships:

BetterHelp counseling can help improve family relationships. They can facilitate open communication and understand the problems within the family. This will create a supportive environment for the teenager and will improve bonds. 

8. Access Anytime, Anywhere:

Since it is an online platform, you can access your child’s reports and also talk to the therapist conveniently anytime and anywhere.

This accessibility is a significant benefit, and it encourages proactive engagement and timely support. 

9. Confidential and Safe Environment:

We at BetterHelp offer a confidential environment. Our counselors will ensure that their concerns are safe and will be handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism. 

When Should a Teen See a BetterHelp Therapist

Now, you might ask us how to understand whether your teenager would benefit from seeing a therapist through BetterHelp. Well, here are seven signs that indicate that it is time to seek professional help:

1. Persistent Mood Swings

Extreme and frequent mood swings beyond what is normal for adolescents are a sign. This indicates underlying emotional struggles impacting your child’s daily life and relationships. 

2. Isolation and Withdrawal

If your child is constantly isolating themselves and avoiding social interactions, it is a sign of emotional discussion. This is the ideal time to seek professional support from BetterHelp.

3. Academic Decline

A sudden drop in academic performance or interest in studies or other activities can be a red flag. It is crucial to address these issues as early as possible to help them regain their focus and motivation for learning.

4. Drastic Changes in Sleep or Eating Patterns

Disrupted sleep or noticeable changes in eating habits can be a sign of emotional turmoil. This might potentially lead to physical health issues if not addressed early. 

5. Substance Abuse or Risky Behaviors

If your child is engaging in substance abuse, driving recklessly, or indulging in other dangerous activities, it is crucial to seek help. This will ensure a healthier and safer future for them, and BetterHelp can guide you well. 

6. Intense Anxiety or Fear

Uncontrolled anxiety, fearfulness, or panic attacks are signs of anxiety disorder. This cannot be dealt with at home and requires professional intervention.

The counselors at BetterHelp can help them manage their anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life. 

7. Expressions of Self-Harm or Suicidal Thoughts

One of the biggest and the most imminent red flags is any mention or indication of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. If you find that your child is going through these thoughts, then you must immediately get professional help. This will ensure their safety and mental well-being.

In these challenging times, BetterHelp offers accessible and confidential online therapy programs for teens. Our experienced licensed therapists can provide the necessary support and guidance to help your child overcome these issues. They will teach them to cope with their emotions, build resilience, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

BetterHelp Psychotherapy for Teens

Types of Betterhelp Psychotherapy for Teens

Here is the list of BetterHelp teens psychotherapy programs offered by BetterHelp for teens:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT program helps the teams identify negative thought patterns and behaviors. This helps them develop healthier and positive coping mechanisms and improve their emotional well-being. 

2. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a popular program that teaches your child various skills to manage emotions and navigate interpersonal relations. They also learn to cope with stress in a healthy and more effective way. 

3. Mindfulness-Based Therapy

With BetterHelp’s Mindfulness-BasedTherapy program, teens become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. This fosters a sense of calm and reduces anxiety. 

4. Family Therapy

We at BetterHelp recommend family therapy as it is the most effective method. Family therapy helps improve communication between the teenager and other family members and also resolves conflicts. It creates a supportive environment for your child’s mental well-being. 

5. Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

IPT focuses on developing the teens’ relationships and communication skills. Through the program, they also learn to address social difficulties and conflicts. 

6. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

In the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy BetterHelp teens program, the therapist helps the teens accept their emotions and experiences. They teach them to commit to their actions while aligning with their values and goals. 

7. Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy helps your child refrain from their negative life experiences and create a more positive narrative of life. This, in turn, promotes resilience and self-understanding. 

8. Art or Play Therapy

BetterHelp’s Art or Play Therapy is highly rated by guardians of younger teens. This BetterHelp teens therapy program allows your child to express the emotions and thoughts in a non-verbal, creative way. 

Online Betterhelp Therapy for Teens

BetterHelp’s online therapy offers an accessible way for young individuals to address their mental health concerns. Through secure one-on-one virtual sessions, teenagers can connect with licensed therapists who specialize in adolescent issues.

The online platform is a great advantage as it accommodates their digital comfort. This makes it easier for your child to communicate their thoughts and emotions. In this confidential space, they can openly discuss challenges like anxiety, depression, academic stress, relationships, and much more.

With a wide range of therapeutic approaches tailored to the specific needs of your child, BetterHelp online therapy enhances their mental well-being and builds resilience for a brighter future. 

Expectations and Involvement of Parents

Trusting BetterHelp to support your child through mental health challenges means building a partnership. We commit to giving our best to help your child, but your involvement is also crucial. Think of it as an 80-20 ratio where we will be contributing 80% and you the essential 20%.

Here are key points on how your active participation can enhance our therapy and create a significant impact on your child’s well-being:

  • Stay up to date with the counseling process and the goals set by our therapists.
  • Engage in open communication with the therapist to discuss any doubts or issues.
  • Encourage your child to participate and share their thoughts actively.
  • Support and validate their feelings and experiences.
  • Always respect your teen’s privacy and confidentiality in the counseling journey.
  • Keep an open mind to learn about other mental health and therapeutic approaches.
  • You can also collaborate with our head office to reinforce progress outside of virtual sessions. 


Parenting a teenager is a daunting task, and when they face mental health issues, the struggle intensifies. It requires a lot of understanding, patience, and love. We at BetterHelp acknowledge the challenges you are facing, and we are here with open arms to support you and your child.

Your dedication and care matter a lot in this path towards healing. BetterHelp’s specialized therapy programs for teens offer a safe space to address their mental health concerns. So, let us work together hand in hand and guide your teenager towards a brighter and happier tomorrow. Your love and our effort will make all the difference. Start this empowering journey with BetterHelp today.