Why are more people banking on Online Therapy in Santa Monica? 

Why are more people banking on Online Therapy in Santa Monica?


E-therapy has been on the rise in the last few years. Modernizing mental health care and making it more accessible to everyone is now possible through online therapy. 

Campaigns like “Treatments not Tents” in California show the state of mental health in the region. It also shows why more people need access to reliable treatment.

This also throws light on how a vast population that needs mental healthcare is from economically weaker sections of society.

The Los Angeles Times recently published that Santa Monica has one of the largest concentrations of a chronically mentally ill, homeless population. Some of these zones are now being called ‘crisis areas.’

This goes on to prove that mental health problems have become more volatile and in need of immediate attention.

Why online therapy seems to be a promising solution?

Online therapy Santa Monica seems promising for many reasons. To begin with, many people who are working multiple jobs in Santa Monica are on the verge of homelessness. 

With rampant substance abuse and subsidies only to house the population, treatment for mental health remains a far cry. It’s still something that one has no time or resources for.

Video therapy and phone therapy solve the problem of time for many who are looking to get in on a quick session. These also help them connect with their therapist when they need to. 

Therapy remains unaffordable for many in Los Angeles County. With no overhead cost to maintain, virtual therapy alternatives make mental health treatments a little more accessible for everyone. 

Best online therapy platforms in Santa Monica

If you think online therapy is something you need as well, here are some of the best therapy platforms that offer online therapy Santa Monica.

1. ZocDoc


ZocDoc lets you choose your preferred therapy or counseling methods with verified therapy providers. 

They cater to over 1000 insurance plans you can check on their website to find in-network doctors. 

With therapists specializing in areas like marriage counseling, family therapy, psychotherapy, depression, trauma, and other mental health problems, easy bookings can be made online at your preference.

2. Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a platform that offers a list of the best online therapists in Santa Monica. They offer both – online only and a combination of online and offline therapists that you can choose from. 

For those who have not benefited from therapy earlier or did not have the option to choose their therapist, this is one platform that offers complete customization.

3. My LA Therapy

My LA Therapy’s professional team is dedicated to resolving anxiety, depression, addiction and other relationship troubles. 

You can start by booking a free call for consultation and then proceed to understand what exactly you need. 

They offer group therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy for various specialities. Treatments for ADHD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. are available.

My LA Therapy

4. BetterHelp

BetterHelp allows you to assess the profiles of hundreds of specialty therapists in Santa Monica. You can know about your therapist in detail before scheduling a session. 

You can make an informed decision after getting acquainted with their experience, specialty areas, and a little more about their personalities reflected on their profiles.

After you select a therapist, a quick questionnaire follows to let you select your preferred therapy mode through video sessions, phone or messaging services. 

5. TherapyDen

TherapyDen lists some Santa Monica therapists specializing in depression-related treatments. Other problems like anxiety, PTSD, grief, etc, are also catered to.

It makes scheduling online therapy sessions easy by letting you find personalized therapist matches for the mental health troubles you’re facing. You just need to take a quick survey to filter the best online therapists for your case in Santa Monica.

Can online therapy Santa Monica completely substitute in-person therapy?

Can online therapy Santa Monica completely substitute in-person therapy

Well, there are aspects of in-person therapy that you can’t really substitute. For instance, some aspects of nonverbal communication occur better in person after preliminary stages.

Sometimes one also benefits from being in a calm room that they don’t associate with any of their behavioral or mental health troubles. Much like any other conversation, nuances would be better picked up in person.

This, however, should be considered after realizing the fact that many therapy sessions are simply follow-ups, with not much to be shared or revealed. These kinds of sessions can be easily carried out online with more convenience for the one seeking therapy. 

Offline therapy clinics also have limits on when appointments can be scheduled and long queues and waiting periods that could stretch to weeks.

If your case is such that it really requires in-person therapy, you could also seek a combination of online and offline therapy to get the benefits of both.


Thus, clinics offering more alternatives for virtual therapy, teletherapy, phone-based counseling sessions and a more customized approach to mental health treatments are opening doors for many patients.

Choosing the right platform becomes extremely important to make the best of online therapy.

With platforms now offering you the flexibility to choose a suitable therapist and targeted mental health treatments, you should consider the best combination of features before making your pick.