How To Cancel BetterHelp

How To Cancel BetterHelp

With an increase in mental health issues owing to busy lifestyles, numerous people are resorting to online therapy platforms. And BetterHelp is one helpful platform that matches people with therapists to get counsel and therapy for their mental health issues.

Are you planning to get BetterHelp, or have you already used it for a while? In both cases, it is natural for you to wonder – can you cancel BetterHelp at any time? Yes, you can, but if you’re plagued by the question of how to do it, then you’ve reached the right place, my friend. 

I know how important it is to know about the cancellation process to ensure your precious money doesn’t go to waste. Here’s a detailed guide to help you cancel BetterHelp and make the best decision for your mental health!

Understanding BetterHelp’s Cancellation Policies

BetterHelp offers a wide range of services to people struggling with mental health. But that’s now what makes it different from others. Wondering what does? It’s the continuous support offered by their team, even when it comes to cancellation.

The platform offers a very straightforward and easy cancellation procedure, which enables every user to decide their therapy journey as per their needs. 

Now, let’s discuss BetterHelp cancellation policy – it’s pretty straightforward, but there are a few important things to know.

Cancel 7 Days Before Next Billing

First off, if you want to cancel, make sure you do it at least 7 days before your next billing date. If you forget and miss this deadline, you’ll end up getting charged for another month.

Unfortunately, if you cancel after that 7-day window, there won’t be any refunds for the unused part of the current month.

Loss Of Account Data

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: once you cancel, you’ll lose access to BetterHelp’s services right away. And your account data? Well, it’ll be wiped out within 30 days of the cancellation. So, if you ever need any of that data after that timeframe, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Subscription Through Third-Party

Lastly, if you signed up for BetterHelp through a third-party provider like Apple or Google, you’ll need to cancel through them. You can’t cancel your subscription directly through BetterHelp in that case.

In a nutshell, BetterHelp cancel policies make it pretty easy to stop the services at any time for any reason, with no long-term commitment. Just remember the 7-day heads-up before your next billing date to avoid any unexpected charges!

Different BetterHelp Cancellation Methods

Before you opt for a BetterHelp cancellation, you should be aware of the process.

Below, we have listed the in-depth processes in which you can cancel BetterHelp subscription, or a therapy session, or switch your therapist. 

Ways For Subscription Cancellation 

To ensure users have complete freedom and ease, BetterHelp offers four different ways to cancel the therapy subscription. If you’re wondering how to cancel BetterHelp subscription, you can choose any one of the following ways. 

Through Your Account

  • Find your name and profile, click on a drop-down arrow next to it, and then click on Account Settings.
  • Go to the Payment Settings tab and click on Change Plan or Quit Counseling. 
  • You will see a menu pop-up listing the different choices you have to change the subscription. 
  • Next, you can click on Quit Therapy from the list. A questionnaire will open up, wherein you can fill out the details to explain why you are quitting the services.
  • Once you fill out the questionnaire, you can select Quit Counseling, and the services will only continue till the end of the current pay period.

Through Email  

For cancelling BetterHelp subscription simply through email, you can follow these easy steps: 

Option 1: Cancel from your account:

  • Contact customer support at the email address
  • In the subject line of your email, type: REQUEST TO REMOVE MY INFORMATION AND CANCEL ACCOUNT.
  • Write an email explaining the reasons why you want to delete your account. It’s best for you to be completely honest in your statement.
  • Send the email to customer support.

Option 2: Cancel without your account:

  • Visit the official page of the program.
  • Follow the same process as above:
  • a. Reach out to the customer support team.
  • b. Compose an email with the subject line: REQUEST TO REMOVE MY INFORMATION AND CANCEL ACCOUNT.
  • c. Explain the reason you want to cancel your program in the email.
  • Send the email to customer support.

By following either of these options, you should be able to cancel the program.

Call BetterHelp

If you’re someone who prefers to talk to someone and give your feedback when canceling a BetterHelp subscription, give a call at 1-800-876-4357. You can let their customer service representative know about your decision to cancel the subscription.

Contact The Team Through Live Chat

Do you have some questions or need any help to cancel the subscription? Well, you can do that through the live chat option, where you get to talk to the BetterHelp support team via the live chat option about the BetterHelp cancel appointment policy. 

Procedure For Session Cancellation

Are you wondering what will happen if some urgent work comes up and you won’t be able to attend your online therapy session? You can always cancel your BetterHelp therapy appointment.

There are two ways under BetterHelp session cancellation policy:

Cancelling from the client home page:

To cancel a session listed in the “Upcoming Session” panel on your home page, follow these steps:

  • If you see the session displayed in the “Upcoming Session” panel, click on the session name. This action will redirect you to the appointment details page.
  • On the appointment details page, you can cancel the session by clicking the “Cancel session” button located on the left side.
  • Alternatively, you have the option to click on the three dots (…) next to the appointment in the “Upcoming Sessions” panel and choose the “Cancel” option from the provided menu.

Cancelling from the My Bookings page:

  • If you don’t see the session listed in the “Upcoming Sessions” panel, navigate to your “My Resources” and access the “Bookings” page. 
  • Here, you can find the session and proceed to cancel it.
  • As an alternative, you can also click the three dots (…) located to the right of the “Reschedule” button and choose the “Cancel” option from the available menu.

Therapist Cancellation Process

Much like how every person is different, their experience with therapy will also vary. And there can be moments when you might not feel completely satisfied with your therapist. 

In such a situation, rather than quitting the platform altogether, you can simply cancel the current therapist and choose a new one who might be more suitable for you. 

Follow these steps to change your therapist on BetterHelp:

  • Sign in to your BetterHelp account and go to the “My therapist” section. Click on “Change therapist.”
  • Fill out the required forms to request a new therapist. Explain your reasons for the change to help match you with a suitable therapist.
  • After submitting the forms, you’ll receive a list of available therapists. Explore their profiles, including their experience and approach to therapy.
  • Choose your preferred therapist and schedule a session. Discuss your concerns and therapy preferences with them.
  • Communicate openly with your new therapist to ensure a smooth transition from your previous one, maintaining continuity in your therapy journey.
  • Ask to transfer your previous therapy records to your new therapist through the website so they can plan accordingly.
  • Begin building a strong therapeutic relationship with your new therapist. Be open about your feelings regarding the transition, as building rapport may take a few sessions.


BetterHelp is an easy-to-navigate platform that every one of you can navigate through. You might think it’s simple only for booking appointments, but it also offers an easy way to cancel your subscription.  

Whether you want to use the app or the live chat feature, send an email, or call, BetterHelp has numerous methods you can choose from. And that’s not all; their customer support team is always ready to offer help with the cancellation process as well.

If you’re planning to cancel BetterHelp, make sure you do it 7 days prior to the end of your next billing. You will not have access to your account, but all your information will be safe and accessible! 

You can always re-access everything if you ever decide to rejoin BetterHelp!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Fees For Cancelling BetterHelp Account?

There are two cancellation policies – monthly subscription cancellation and pay per session. There is no BetterHelp cancellation fee for the monthly subscription plan, but there is a $20 BetterHelp cancel session fee for pay per session. 

How Long Does It Take For BetterHelp To Respond?

You can expect a revert from both the customer support team and the therapists within 24 hours of contacting them. The time can be less or more depending on the workweek and holiday season as well.

Can I Pause BetterHelp?

Yes, BetterHelp allows you to pause your subscription for 3 weeks. You can click on Account Settings, Manage, and then the Pause option.