Alma Online Therapy: Expert Review and Guide

Alma Online Therapy Expert Review and Guide

Due to the diminishing stigmas around mental health care, there has been a notable rise in the number of adults seeking mental health services. The percentage of adults utilizing these services increased from 19.2% in 2019 to 21.6% in 2021

Telehealth platforms have played a crucial role in facilitating this trend, and Alma Online Therapy emerges as a pivotal platform in mental health services. It addresses the need for mental health services by offering a comprehensive range of online therapy services tailored to diverse needs.

This article offers an in-depth evaluation of Alma Online Therapy, guiding you in choosing the right online therapy service.

What is Alma Online Therapy?

What is Alma Online Therapy?

Alma is a digital platform designed to streamline finding mental health care providers. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to search for therapists based on criteria such as therapy type, insurance provider, location, and preference for virtual or in-person sessions.

Upon completing a brief questionnaire addressing these criteria, users receive a personalized list of mental health professionals. This list includes detailed bios highlighting each clinician’s specializations, personal experiences, and therapeutic approaches.

For a more tailored search, Alma provides advanced filtering options, including:

  • Consultation availability
  • Provider’s identity and specialty
  • Degrees and qualifications
  • Insurance details
  • Spoken languages
  • Therapeutic techniques and styles

Additionally, Alma facilitates free preliminary consultations, enabling potential clients to assess their compatibility with therapists before scheduling a paid session.

Alma’s network includes licensed professionals with diverse specializations, from psychiatrists to nurse practitioners in mental health care. The platform also caters to non-English speakers, though language availability may vary by location.

Once a user registers with Alma, all insurance transactions and appointment scheduling are handled through the platform. Communication with providers is ensured through secure, HIPAA-compliant methods like phone, messaging, or video calls. Users have the flexibility to switch providers if needed. While Alma operates nationwide, some states may have limited services due to provider distribution and insurance agreements.

How Does Alma Online Therapy Work

How Does Alma Online Therapy Work

1. Searching for a Therapist

Users can click “Find a provider” on the homepage to begin their search. The process involves entering a zip code, selecting the type of therapy needed (individual, family, couples, or medication management), specifying the insurance provider, and choosing the state.

The database features licensed mental health professionals who provide various services, including life coaching, nutrition advice, yoga, and reiki. For those who need help figuring out where to start, Alma categorizes providers based on specific focuses, like personal growth, Spanish-speaking therapists, or those offering sliding scale payments.

Users can refine their search using filters such as gender identity, race, sexual preference, or professional credentials like psychiatrists (M.D.), licensed marriage and family therapists (L.M.F.T.), or psychologists (Psy.D., Ph.D.). Additional filters cover languages spoken and therapeutic methods like psychodynamic or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

After selecting criteria, Alma displays a list of therapists in the area matching these preferences, with further filtering options. Therapist profiles include a photo, name, credentials, whether they offer virtual therapy, specialties, accepted insurance plans, licensing details, and a price range indicated by dollar signs.

2. Requesting a Consultation

If a user finds a suitable provider, they can request a consultation by clicking a button on the profile. Alma suggests waiting three to four days for a response before contacting another provider and reminds users to confirm that the therapist is licensed in their state.

The initial phone consultation, often free, helps determine if the therapist and client are a good match. Providers discuss the client’s concerns and goals, share their background and approach, and answer questions. If both parties agree, they can schedule the first appointment, or the client can continue searching.

3. Required Paperwork

To begin therapy with an Alma provider, clients must complete intake forms and, if uninsured or paying themselves, sign a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) form, a government-required document outlining expected healthcare costs.

Services Offered by Alma Online Therapy

Services Offered by Alma Online Therapy

The types of professionals in Alma’s directory are diverse. It includes psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed psychotherapists with at least two years of experience, social workers, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. This variety allows for a wide range of services, including:

  • medication management
  • individual therapy
  • couples therapy
  • family therapy, and 
  • therapy for children.

Researchers examined over 60 studies and concluded that for the majority of individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), virtual therapy sessions are equally effective as in-person meetings. Therefore, it’s a wise approach to explore trusted online therapy platforms like Alma. 

How Much Does Alma Online Therapy Cost?

For those without insurance, Alma provides a range of out-of-pocket costs on the profiles of providers. These estimates are categorized as follows:

  • Less than $80 per session
  • $80 to $140 per session
  • $140 to $200 per session
  • $200 to $260 per session
  • More than $260 per session

Moreover, some providers may offer a sliding scale fee system, adjusting their charges based on your financial situation.

The therapy costs for Alma vary based on several factors:

  • If you have health insurance and the extent of mental health treatment coverage in your plan.
  • The qualifications and experience of the mental health provider you choose.

Alma highlights potential savings of up to 77% on therapy sessions for those with insurance. Additionally, Alma offers a complimentary tool to estimate costs by checking your insurance coverage for mental health services before you schedule a consultation.

Alma Online Therapy User Reviews

We browsed reviews on the internet to find the ones that offer the most insights. Here are a few of them: 

Customer Review # 1

“I used Alma to find mine. She’s the best therapist I’ve ever had and she specializes in trauma so it was great to find someone who could treat my PTSD and accept my insurance. It ended up that I only pay $20 per session which takes away any of the financial stress of therapy.” – Reddit

Customer Review # 2

“With Alma, the experience of finding a therapist was night and day different. I felt comfortable, heard, and empowered to find the right provider for me.” Erick

Customer Review # 2

“Alma took a lot of the anxiety and stress out of the equation. I was able to easily sort the directory, and the provider profiles were so helpful in giving me a sense of their energy and approach.” – Colleen

Alma Online Therapy’s Pros and Cons

We examined the online therapy reviews for Amwell to understand the platform’s strengths and weaknesses. These pros and cons are compiled from the frequent feedback provided by users, offering a comprehensive overview of the benefits and limitations of the platform


  • Option for in-person or online sessions.
  • Works with over 20 insurance providers and accepts direct payments.
  • Includes a free tool for estimating insurance coverage for mental health services.
  • It boasts a network of over 8000 therapists.
  • The directory includes both psychiatric and mental health support professionals.
  • Recognized with an ‘Honorable Mention’ by Fast Company in their 2021 ‘World Changing Ideas Awards’ and secured $130 million in funding in 2022, indicating a solid reputation.
  • Offers a variety of therapy types, including individual, couple, family, child, and adolescent therapy, as well as medication management.
  • Profiles for each therapist provide detailed information to assist in choosing the right therapist.


  • No mobile application is available.
  • Absence of a specific customer support webpage.
  • Few therapists offer in-person sessions.
  • The FAQ section only addresses a few common queries.

Alma Online Therapy Vs. Other Online Therapy Platforms

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how Alma’s online therapy service  compares with others: 

Alma Online Therapy Review

FeatureAlma Online TherapyTalkSpaceBetterHelpReGainBrightside HealthAmwell Online
SpecializationsMental health services, etc.Anxiety, Addiction, etc.Depression, Anxiety, etc.Martial issues, Relationship, etc.OCD, PTSD, etc.Anxiety, Insomnia, etc.ADHD, Autism, etc.
Best ForDiverse needs, Insurance usersIndividuals, CouplesIndividual counseling, CouplesCouples, IndividualsElevated suicidal riskTeletherapy, Insurance usersCBT-focused therapy
PricingVariable range$276-$436/month$240-$360/month$260-$360/month$95-$349/month$109-$279/session$200-$440/month
Insurance AcceptedYesYesNoNoYesYesNo
ProsComprehensive range, User-friendly interface, Free consultationsUnlimited messaging, Online psychiatrists, Corporate plansWeekly group sessions, Licensed therapists, Financial aid availableSpecializes in relationship counseling, Cost-effective for couples, Video sessionsNationwide psychiatry, Quick appointment scheduling, Insurance acceptancePer-session cost, Specialized counseling, Integrated care with physiciansCBT training, 20% first month discount, Therapists respond quickly
ConsLimited services in some statesNo phone sessionsNo insurance coverageNo group video callsSpecializes in anxiety and depression onlyNo text-based therapy optionNot suitable for teens or family counseling
Key FeaturesPersonalized list, Advanced filtering optionsOnline symptom tracker, Text and video chat sessionsLarge network of therapists, Easy therapist switchingJoint account for couples, In-depth relationship assessmentMedication management plans, Clinical supervisors for supportEfficient scheduling system, Wide array of physical health servicesCBT program, Worksheets and journals

Key Takeaways
  • Alma Online Therapy is a digital platform for quickly finding mental health professionals.
  • It offers user-friendly options for searching therapists tailored to individual needs.
  • The service includes advanced search filters for specific requirements and preferences.
  • Free initial consultations are available to help you choose the right therapist.
  • The platform boasts a diverse network of licensed mental health experts.
  • It provides integrated handling of insurance, scheduling, and secure communications.
  • Costs vary based on the provider and insurance coverage, with sliding scale fees for some.