Online Therapy San Francisco: How to keep up with your mental health needs?

Online Therapy San Francisco: How to keep up with your mental health needs?


Data from Mental Health San Francisco suggests that the leading causes of homelessness in San Francisco are substance use or mental health disorders. In a few cases, it is even a combination of the two. These are seen in 46% of the affected population. 

48% of young adults in San Francisco struggled with mental health problems by mid-2021. These numbers prove that addressing the current mental health scenarios in the state has become a priority for the Public Health Department. 

Amidst these hiccups, here’s why we feel that online therapy San Francisco can be a great way to tackle mental health issues at your convenience. 

Why online therapy can be an effective option

Why online therapy can be an effective option

Many people in San Francisco have a hectic lifestyle and unaddressed workplace-related stress, leading to mental health issues.  You can’t sideline the importance of therapy and effective treatment.

However, for those grappling with severe mental health disorders and social issues like struggles with homelessness, affording therapy can be a tricky aspect.

Some people reach out to a therapist but find it challenging to curate appointments amidst busy job schedules. Moreover, a long queue of pre-booked weeks at clinics further adds to woes. It can be extremely frustrating to wait for therapy when you need it the most. 

The last thing you want to do is to feel overwhelmed with your therapist’s schedule or feel helpless because you can’t afford the steep costs of in-person therapy. 

Online therapy in San Francisco is an easy and effective option for you to explore your mental health problems and seek care. It offers you a chance to get help through convenient online therapy sessions when needed. 

Challenges of keeping up with offline therapy schedules

Challenges of keeping up with offline therapy schedules

Can’t get yourself to show up at your therapy appointment? Well, mental health and trying to address issues around it can be more complex than it seems. 

In some instances, when your mental health is bruised and battered, getting up to take a shower can seem like a mountainous task.

Imagine what getting dressed and showing up for a therapy appointment could seem like in such a situation! 

  • A lot of people, especially those struggling with their mental health, miss therapy appointments, feel unmotivated to go, or are too mentally exhausted to take the next step for their well-being. 
  • When it comes to actually doing it, even obstacles like difficulty with transportation and hours of commute can be a resistance. Other professional and personal commitments, and being put in a spot to confront your mental health issues drastically are some typical problems that offline therapy presents.

These catches of forgetting appointments, feeling too mentally drained out or just escaping intervention might even exist in online therapy. However, there are severe challenges typical to offline therapy schedules.

Even though some eventually prefer face-to-face therapy sessions, others struggle with it and can benefit from scheduling their therapy sessions online. 

The Best online therapy platforms for San Francisco

The Best online therapy platforms for San Francisco

Online therapy is known to show equivalent results to offline therapy, even in the case of many deep-rooted psychological disorders.

Studies have shown that online CBT has almost the same efficacy as in-person CBT when it’s employed to treat moderate depression, panic disorder, and social and generalized anxiety disorders. 

Now that you’re quite sure that online therapy San Francisco could be your go-to mental health treatment mode, here’s a list of top-rated online therapy platforms that can be your pick. 

1. Zencare


Zencare is a platform that facilitates a streamlined therapist search process offering a personalized and smooth experience related to a gamut of mental health issues. 

This is also a platform where you can interact with therapists with different areas of specialization. These include dealing with work stress, relationship issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

2. SF Stress & Anxiety Center

SF Stress & Anxiety Center

If you’re looking for therapists in the Bay Area who also render online services, SF Stress & Anxiety Center can be an option to consider. 

With various teletherapy services starting post-COVID-19, they deliver online therapy that is as effective as in-person sessions with secure video conferencing. You can opt for individual or couples therapy amidst sessions targeted at other mental health issues. 

3. MatraCare


MantraCare offers a great range of options for virtual therapy. They offer options for text-based communication, voice messages, or video calls depending on what you prefer in the given situation. 

They have over 5000 therapists available across specialties for you to be able to book your session exactly when you need for your target concerns. 

4. BetterHelp

BetterHelp Overview

If you’re looking for something streamlined yet simple, BetterHelp offers a range of therapists you can choose from for online therapy sessions in San Francisco.  

The BetterHelp portal gives you a list of therapists with their areas of expertise, years of experience, and their respective therapy licenses. You can get a more personalized service by picking the therapist you prefer. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy, treatments for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, bipolar disorder, and psychodynamic treatment are some areas they focus on. 

5. Approach Therapy

Approach Therapy

Approach Therapy is a San Francisco-based therapy clinic that offers both online and offline counseling sessions for stress, relationships, anxiety, and other problems.

A range of therapy sessions can be accessed here. These include those for moms, women of color, couples, and LGBTQ+ counseling. You can select your best possible therapy schedules after specialists ascertain that your case is suitable for online therapy. 

What should you consider before choosing your online therapy platform?

What should you consider before choosing your online therapy platform

Despite a variety of options available across the internet, choosing an online therapy platform isn’t centered merely on reviews.

Which option suits you the best can only be determined once you understand why you need therapy and which features are most significant in your case.

Answering these few questions can be helpful for you to get started with making your choice:

  • Why are you considering therapy, and what are the central issues?
  • Do you think you’d benefit from frequent follow-ups or spaced sessions in regular intervals?
  • Do you have frequent emergencies where you could need to connect with a therapist?
  • Are your issues more deep-rooted and require targeted sessions from an expert?
  • Do you have a busy schedule or prefer to schedule appointments based on your requirements?

Understanding these basic requirements as compared to what your online therapy platform provides can be a quick guide for you to make the right pick. 


Is online therapy in San Francisco expensive?

In-person therapy in San Francisco can cost between $100- $200 depending on your choice of clinic and the kind of therapy you require. Online therapy sessions often end up costing less than a typical in-person session as there are no overhead costs to maintain.

Can I toggle between virtual and in-person therapy?

Yes. Depending on your therapy clinic/platform, some platforms and therapists offer both online and in-person sessions. In some cases, you can choose your preferred mode, depending on the situation.

What issues are addressed under online therapy sessions?

A wide range of mental health and psychological disorder treatments, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, behavioral disorders, stress, trauma, learning disabilities, relationship issues, and other mental disorders, are addressed under online therapy sessions depending on your choice of platform and therapist.


Whether it is continued remotely accessible mental health support that you’re looking for or an easier way to schedule your therapy sessions, online therapy is a very viable option. Keeping in touch with your mental health requirements through virtual modes is as efficient as in-person therapy while taking away the worry of missed appointments. Balance your hectic lifestyle with your therapy requirements by picking out your preferred online therapy platform from our list.