Online Therapy Pennsylvania: Everything You Must Know

Online Therapy Pennsylvania: Everything You Must Know

The shortage of mental health support across the world has resulted in an acute crisis. Yet, the USA seems to be suffering the most.

Its residents’ dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle, hustle-culture-on-steroids, and maximum efforts to live the fabled ‘American Dream’ seem to be the biggest contributors to this catastrophe. 

And among the other states, Pennsylvania is one of the worst affected. According to a report by NAMI, nearly 39.8% of Pennsylvanian adults reported anxiety and depression issues. However, 25.7% of them were unable to get the required mental health care. 

That’s why online therapy in Pennsylvania seems the most effective key to the puzzle right now.

We will delve right into what it is, the platforms that provide online therapy in Pennsylvania, and other related nitty gritty in the next sections of this article. So keep reading. 

What is online therapy, and is it effective?

Online therapy, also known as teletherapy, or e-therapy, is a unique method of offering mental health services to the needy. In this way, counseling or psychotherapy is offered through digital platforms and communication technologies. 

Instead of traditional in-person sessions, patients can connect to mental health professionals via video calls, chat sessions, text messages, phone calls, etc. Online therapy aims to make mental health care more affordable for the needy and offer support in a convenient and flexible manner.

But is it effective for the Pennsylvanians?

A recent study by Mental Health America found the national average of people suffering from mental health conditions at 19.86%, which means nearly 40 million Americans are affected by mental health disorders. 

According to statistics from NAMI, Pennsylvania ranks 17th in the nation with 19.70% of adults experiencing mental illness. Thus, it’s not far behind the national average. 

That’s more than 1.8 million adults. It is six times the population of Pittsburgh.

And this is partially due to the following reasons.

  • Shortage of mental health care providers.
  • Shortage of national funds used in mental health care and support.
  • Lack of flexible treatment methods.
  • Long wait periods and queues for in-person therapy sessions.
  • Emotional burden and disdain when it comes to in-person therapy.
  • High out-of-pocket costs for traditional therapy sessions.

Online therapy Pennsylvania has emerged as one of the most effective means to eliminate these drawbacks.

There have been extensive studies regarding the effectiveness of online therapy. And research suggests that they can be as effective as traditional or in-person therapy when it comes to treating mild to moderate depression, anxiety, or mood disorders, etc. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, there are several types of therapy, and you can prefer to receive many of them online. These include:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy).

Top online therapy platforms in Pennsylvania offering mental health support

Top online therapy platforms in Pennsylvania offering mental health support

According to our research, we have concluded that a huge population of Americans cannot access therapy. Apart from the reasons cited above, one of the biggest issues is the existence of therapy deserts

This has prompted us to find the top online mental health providers. If you’re from Pennsylvania and seeking effective therapy from home, check out the following table.

It will give you an idea of the best platforms offering online therapy in Pennsylvania. 

NameServices ProvidedAverage Cost/InsuranceWhy Did We Choose It?
BetterHelpIndividual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Teen Therapy.$65-$90 per week, billed monthly. Insurance is not accepted. However, they have their special aids program reducing overall costs.Extensive network of over 30,000 qualified therapists, serving more than 50 states and 200 countries.You can check out therapist bios before signing up on the platform.
TalkspaceCouples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Teen Counseling, Medication Management, Psychiatry, and tailored care for veterans and the LGBTQIA+ community.$60-$100 per week.Several insurance plans are accepted.Therapy is available across 50 states.Multiple subscription plans available to meet your mental health care needs and budgets.
TalkiatryIndividual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry.Price is based on insurance coverage. UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna, TriCare, Medicare, and several other insurances are accepted.Availability in 43+ states.You can select your preferred psychiatrist from a board of qualified professionals.The initial consultation call is free, and follow-up consultations are usually hour-long.
BrightsideIndividual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, etc.$95-$349 per month.Insurance is also accepted, which can bring down your therapy costs.Free assessment is available along with free mental health care resources without needing to sign up on the platform.Anxiety and depression specialists.Offers both therapy and psychiatry services.
Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates Telehealth ServicesCBT, Marriage and Family Counseling, Children’s Therapy, Addiction Therapy, Anger Management.Price is based on insurance coverage. You need to contact the platform to verify whether they accept your insurance provider.Prioritizing your privacy, confidentiality, comfort, and accessibility always.Both video conferencing and telephone counseling are available.Available across 14+ locations.You can check the profiles of the mental health care providers from the website and approach further.

What are the factors you must check out before seeking online therapy?

What are the factors you must check out before seeking online therapy

Although online therapy has emerged as one of the most effective forms of mental health services, it is not for everyone. 

It might not be suitable for severe mental health conditions like schizophrenia, or emergency mental health conditions, or crises like suicidal thoughts. These problems require immediate, in-person interventions. 

In such cases, traditional face-to-face therapy and emergency services are more suitable. In any case, online therapy cannot be a substitute for in-person therapy.

However, if you’ve decided to seek online therapy, you must pay heed to the following.

1. Identify Your Goals:

Understand what you want to achieve through therapy, whether it’s managing stress, overcoming specific challenges, or improving overall well-being.

2. Assess Your Comfort Level with Technology:

Ensure you have access to a reliable internet connection and the necessary technology (computer, smartphone, or tablet). Assess your comfort level with using video calls, messaging, or other digital communication methods.

3. Check Licensing and Credentials:

Verify the licensing, certifications, and credentials of the online therapists and mental health professionals.

Look for therapists who specialize in areas relevant to your concerns.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or specific life challenges, finding a mental health professional with expertise and specialization in your area of need can enhance the effectiveness of the therapy.

4. Research the Platform:

Thoroughly research the online therapy platform. Consider user reviews, reputation, security measures, and the range of services offered.

Find a platform that aligns with your mental health needs and core values.

5. Understand Costs and Insurance Coverage:

Clarify the costs associated with online therapy sessions. Check if the platform accepts insurance, and if so, understand the coverage details.

Be aware of any additional fees or subscription costs.

Understand Costs and Insurance Coverage

6. Review Privacy and Security Policies:

Choose platforms that prioritize client confidentiality and data security. Review the platform’s privacy policies and security measures to protect your personal information.

7. Determine Therapist Matching Preferences:

Consider your preferences for therapist matching. Some platforms use algorithms to match individuals with therapists based on specific criteria, while others allow you to choose a therapist based on your preferences.

8. Assess Session Scheduling and Availability:

Evaluate the flexibility of session scheduling and the availability of therapists. Ensure that the platform can accommodate your preferred timing and frequency of sessions.

9. Read and Understand Terms of Service:

Familiarize yourself with the terms of service of the online therapy platform. Pay attention to cancellation policies, session lengths, and any other relevant terms that may affect your experience.

Final Words

Ultimately, it’s your life and your choice to lead a happy life without any mental health problems. So, you must be well aware of the pros and cons of online therapy and only choose the providers that best match your needs.

By aligning yourself with those mental health care providers who can support your recovery journey, you are making a brave decision. It will help you go forward and lead a worry-free life in the future. 

However, don’t ignore severe mental health conditions. You must also realize online therapy is a convenient option, but it can never replace in-person therapy.