How Expensive is BetterHelp? A Comprehensive Review

How Expensive is BetterHelp

A study by the RAND Corporation and Castlight Health revealed that spending on mental health services surged by 53 percent from March 2020 to August 2022. This dramatic rise underscores the growing demand for mental health support. But with this increasing demand comes the inevitable question: how expensive is it to access quality therapy?

Enter BetterHelp. When comparing the cost-effectiveness of different therapy platforms, many wonder, “How expensive is BetterHelp?” and if it offers a sustainable mode of therapy. BetterHelp’s mission is clear: to make therapy affordable for anyone, anywhere. 

This article delves deep into BetterHelp’s subscription packages, showcasing how they strive to provide top-tier resources for your mental well-being without breaking the bank.

Is BetterHelp too Expensive? A Look at Its Value

BetterHelp usually costs between US$240 to US$360, which is billed every four weeks. However, this does not include therapy alone. You get access to high-quality and effective material including:

  • 4,000+ articles
  • journaling prompts
  • webinar classes
  • psychotherapy sessions, and 
  • 30-45-minute weekly sessions from professionals. 

Many counselors and psychotherapists recommend weekly therapy as the minimum frequency of therapy because it helps you and your therapist stay focused on your goals and progress. To make this service more accessible, BetterHelp allows you to contact your therapist anytime. Therapy is just a click away.

What Makes BetterHelp Worthwhile?

A survey conducted in 2021 revealed that people value online therapy for several reasons, including flexibility and access to therapy from the comfort of their homes. 

The infographic below paints a better picture of the results:

Subscribing to BetterHelp brings you an ideal deal, where you won’t have to compromise on any benefit of online therapy. Not only can you communicate with licensed professionals from your home, but you can also switch therapists to find your perfect match. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why BetterHelp’s subscription is an all-in-one bundle.

  1. Different Options for Therapy in One Package  

Therapy is a sensitive matter and requires care. To cater to different mental health issues, BetterHelp offers 14 different kinds of therapies. Each therapy is offered by verified professionals. Subscribers have the choice to alter between therapies, eventually finding a model that helps them the best. 

  1. Your Privacy is Valued

Without privacy, therapy loses its meaning. BetterHelp focuses on making the customer experience as comfortable as possible. While one might have to pay an average cost of $100 to $200 per session for traditional therapy, privacy is still not guaranteed. 

On the other hand, subscribing to BetterHelp for US$60 to US$90 per week means you can attain therapy without the risk of finding an acquaintance at your face-to-face appointment or having to discuss your treatment with anyone else apart from your therapist. 

To add another layer of privacy, BetterHelp also allows you to sign up from a different name to maintain your anonymity. While you might think that BetterHelp is too expensive, it is saving you the cost of any privacy breach.

  1. You Save Commute Costs and Mental Burdens 

Commuting to and from your appointment is challenging and can lead to mental and financial burdens. A study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine concluded that people with longer commutes are less likely to socialize, eventually leading to loneliness and depression.  Instead of helping, this can possibly make your health worse.

On the other hand, online therapy eliminates these factors, making it much more cost and time-effective. With BetterHelp, this gets even better because you have constant access to your therapist through voice calls, video, live messaging, and texts. 

You can schedule a session with an international, licensed therapist anywhere in the world, without worrying that the commute cost will be almost the same as the session itself. 

  1. Flexibility of Time and Choice

According to a professional marriage and family therapist, online counseling has the potential to attract individuals who might not have considered traditional therapy. This progress is also expressed in a study that compared telepsychiatry with face-to-face psychiatric consultations. 

Participants were assessed using an SF-12 health survey before and one month after their consultation. Consequently, 77% of the initial responders were available for a follow-up after one month. It was reported that telepsychiatry clients showed significant mental health improvements

The chart below summarizes the experience of these clients.

BetterHelp’s subscription goes a step further and also offers unlimited messaging with your therapist, ensuring the best possible therapy experience. 

What is Included in BetterHelp Subscription?

BetterHelp’s subscription offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to support your mental well-being. Here’s what’s included:

  • Facility to get in touch with your therapist whenever you wish.
  • Additional mental health materials and homework assignments as provided by your therapist.
  • Access to a range of features, such as goal-setting, journal prompts for mental well-being, and live chat.
  • Weekly 30-45 minutes therapy session.

Now that we’ve outlined what BetterHelp offers, let’s compare its features and costs with traditional therapy to give you a clearer perspective.

Comparison between therapy and traditional therapy

Key Takeaways
  • In approximately US$60 to US$90 weekly, you can benefit from both top-tier content and weekly 30-45-minute sessions with professional therapists at BetterHelp.
  • There are several benefits of subscribing to BetterHelp, one of which is the 14 different kinds of therapies offered, along with 30,000+ licensed professionals.
  • With BetterHelp, therapy is made accessible as you can continuously reach out to your therapist via voice calls, videos, live chats, and text messages. 


Is BetterHelp more expensive than traditional therapy?

While BetterHelp has competitive rates, it is relatively cheaper than traditional therapy. This also includes the additional material and resources you can access along with therapy.

Does BetterHelp have verified therapists?

BetterHelp has more than 30,000 licensed therapists who have a master’s Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field and also follow the APA Code of Ethics.

Is BetterHelp safe?

Yes, all therapists are expected to maintain a code of conduct, along with patients’ privacy. You can learn more about BetterHelp’s privacy policy here.

Who can see the interactions between me and my therapist?

Your correspondence with your therapists is not shared with any Third Party, nor are your live appointments recorded. However, BetterHelp’s internal Trust and Safety or Legal teams can check any correspondence if there is a security, legal, or fraud issue reported.